In the process industry we often see, that the raw-matarial consumption various due to yield and mixed dosing between raw material line A and B. It means that during production, the shopfloor worker, realized that he/she needs more raw-material of item A, to fulfill the production quantity.

We are using raw-material picking to retrieve the material first hand to the prod-in line location – and now we need the following as an IDEA;

A new mobile menu item called Raw-material retrieval to line. You enter the production order id. You insert the raw material item id – validation on items that are on the prod-bom. And then insert the quantity.

When clicking ok, a new raw-material work will gets generated, and all logic from here is known.

Nb: today we either uses the registrer material consumption (but works without work) or adjust the bom-line and release again to warehouse as a back office function. This idea will make the process much more relevant for the shop floor worker.

Br. Henrik

Ideas Administrator

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Johan Hoffmann

PM, Microsoft