Hello Team, One of my customer has issue in customer journey. Please find the below details. Issue: ======= Customer journey is sending an email shot our client at midnight on each Monday which was not intended. customer has set the scheduler stating to deliver the emails only on weekdays. From Mon to Friday between 1 to 2:30 Pm Everything is working fine and all the email are sending on week days as per the time zone set by the customer. Issue here is on every Monday exactly at 12: Am emails are sending out twice and also after 1PM. Totally three emails are sending out on every Monday which doesn't make sense. Reason why emails are sending 3 times on every Monday exactly at 12 AM. ================================================== During weekend's email's are not sending from customer journey, but customer journey will be triggering emails and hold all the emails. As soon as the date change from weekend to weekday(Sunday to Monday 12Am) Emails will be triggered out. Customer ask: ========== Emails should not send twice on every monday

Ideas Administrator

Thank you for reaching out. 

We have fixed this issue as part of December'2019 release.  

If the issue still occurs in your environment, please reach out to the relevant support channels as specified in Product support (http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=616937).