In most of our customer's use case scenarios, they will be using the RSO to shuffle around the planning over a period that already contains existing bookings. However, when executing the RSO over a time period that already contains bookings, the current default behavior is that the RSO will adjust the duration of those bookings based on duration specified in the linked requirement.

Most of the time this is behavior is undesired:

  • The planner may have manually adjusted the duration of the booking in order to respond to real time developments from the field.
  • The requirement may have been planned over multiple days or multiple users. The RSO will now adjust one of the bookings to the full requirement duration, and now the requirement duration may be exceeded.

"But the planner can change the requirement if something changes!". Even if they have the permission to adjust the resource requirement (which isn't always the case), often you don't want to change the actual requirement. And let's also admit that the end user is lazy and/or forgetful so they simply adjust the duration of the booking (because that's what they see in the schedule board) and leave it at that.

This is why we expect the RSO process to never adjust the duration of existing bookings, or at least have an option to make this the default behavior. As long as this is not an option, I couldn’t recommend our customers to purchase a RSO license, as it becomes useless in many cases where it would otherwise have a practical application.