In D365 Finance its not possible to register free text invoices that fulfill the legal requirements of Austria.

According to the WKO the Austrian governmental body that specifies how invoices should look like.

On their site is written https://www.wko.at/service/steuern/Erfordernisse-einer-Rechnung.html


Formal requirements

An invoice must - in order to be entitled to deduct input tax - have the following characteristics:

“Tag/Zeitraum der Lieferung oder sonstigen Leistung”

I translate that into: Day/Period of the delivery or the services On the free text invoice header I see no fields to enter period of the delivery of the services. Although this idea is tagged for Austrian localization I think in general its valuable to have on invoice header a period which you are sending the invoice for, regardless of the Austrian rules. We as ISV could populate the fields when generating the invoice from our transport order invoicing (which generates FTIV).

From the support team under 2205170050002543 we learned we should make a customization to fullfill this legal requirement. Has no other Austrian customer ever had this issue?

For sales orders invoicing I'm aware you can enable the packing slip information onto the invoice, this is not the case I'm after for the FTIV. Thanks.

The invoice detail lines are across several service/delivery dates on one invoice:

 Invoice line Amount Date

1 100,00 02-05-2022

2 200,00 15-05-2022

3 300,00 23-05-2022

The date on the line here relates to the service date, which is not on the same date as the invoice date.


The header in this case should reflect

Invoice ID 456

Total amount 600,-

Invoice date 01-06-2022

Invoice period (leistungszeitraum) 01-05-2022 – 31-05-2022