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Would be nice if the social security mask setup flag was for this report with the other payroll reports on Microsoft Dynamics GP > Tools > Setup > Payroll > Payroll >SSN Mask window.
Ideas Administrator

Hi Jeff, thanks for the suggestion, by default in the system the SSN is not on the reprint pay statement form, the customer must have added it on there, if they did while in report writer, you can do some of the mask options in RW.  Since it is not on the default form, it would not be in the setup option.

Here are samples of how to mask in RW

  • Modified Report
  • New Calculated Field
  • Give Name
  • Result Type: String
  • Constant/String/***-**- then ADD
  • Click Operators CAT (inserts #) -ADD
  • User Defined/System – RW_Substring – ADD
  • Fields/Payroll Master, Social Security Number - Add
  • Add Integer Constant 6 – Add
  • Add Integer Constant 4 - Add
  • Save
  • Add Field to Report (‘Hide’ SSN if exists)
  • Update Alt/Mod Report IDs


Terry Heley