By now, to customize the Power BI Embedded report, we need to disable the tab and recreate it in the form extension and reimplement the same code as the standard but with another resource name. I just propose to add a replaceable protected method retrurning the resource name then we just have to replace this method. Please consider to vote up if you find it usefull. Hoping it could make it for the next release. It was a connect request raised in december 2017: https://connect.microsoft.com/site1321/Feedback/Details/3144665
2020 Release Wave 1
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Customizing embedded Power BI report is available as an administrator experience in the web client and more customization features are planned for the next releases. Follow the release notes/release plan docs.




There should be a way to add a datasource, (especially if the datasources already exist in PROD) to existing designs without having to duplicate the standard PBIX....

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