Application version: 7.3.11971.63541 Platform version: 7.0.5126.35372 ***[BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE PROBLEM] *** There is no automatic number sequence for Purchase Debit Note/ Return Order “Invoice number “ . ***Business Process*** Repro steps: 1. Process a purchase return order/ Credit note 2. Post invoice Notice that invoice number is only allowing option of Manual entry ***Business Impact*** User has option to manually provide a number in the invoice number field . and this is a government regulatory requirement Work around: None ***[REPRO STEPS GROUP] *** Test done on AX 8.3 using USMF demo data. Business case Customer want when Purchase Debit note received from Vendor they should manually fill in the invoice number (as currently happening) and When Debit note is generated by The company itself(USMF in our demo data) it should automatically generate number from the attached number sequence. So customer want option to fill manually or automatically generate based on business scenario . Kindly find attached the Government GST flier as issued by the Government. The screenshot of the extract from the Central Goods and Services Tax (CGST) Rules, 2017 is also attached for your reference. Repro Steps: Create a purchase return order Generate Invoice Actual result: Only option of manual filling in of invoice number is there Expected result: Along with above option of attaching a number sequence which will generate a invoice number automatically like in Sales invoices is needed
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