There are times when you want to see if there have been additions made by other team members, e.g. a new authorisation request come in in the Request to Approve view.  To get an update you have to close the view and reopen it.

A 'refresh' button would be very useful in this case.

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Thank you for your feedback. The F5 keyboard shortcut refreshes the data on the current page in Business Central. We would like to hear your feedback on why the F5 key is insufficient.

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This would be helpful because the reality is a lot of users have never gotten into the habit of using keyboard shortcuts and prefer to use their mouse to click buttons on the screen. We have users who even after 7 years using NAV and after constant reminders still have not adopted use of F5 (or F8, one of the most convenient shortcuts for data entry). Also many keyboards now have F keys disabled by default, replaced with alternate function keys for changing settings like system volume or display brightness, and many users do not know how to toggle between these settings.

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Hi Ian,

Thanks for the recommendation. We'll continue to track votes on this idea and consider it for a future release of the product.


Jared Hall

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