Users are experiencing difficulties in their work because the actions described in the following MS Doc do not work properly and the results of the actions vary depending on when the deletion is performed.
Therefore, we strongly request to clearly disclose the time when the deletion is classified as Dynamics tracking in MS doc.
Also, if the user can adjust the time to be classified as Dynamics tracking by himself, it will relieve his concern.

Title : Use Outlook category to track appointments and emails - Appointment
URL : https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/power-platform/admin/use-outlook-category-track-appointments-emails#appointment
You can track an appointment by assigning it the Tracked to Dynamics 365 category.
The appointment will be tracked and synced to customer engagement apps based on server-side synchronization rules.

If an appointment is tracked and is categorized as Tracked to Dynamics, removing the category will untrack the appointment.
However, the corresponding Dynamics 365 apps appointment activity record is not deleted.
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