There isn´t possibility to add a new field with the name of responsible primary manager + primary position + primary department (=items from primary position) for the employee on expiring records overviews or other kinds of lists focused on employees. Despite this the information is available in Related information. For HR staff in huge companies (where there is a lot of HR workers responsible for different departments and managers) it means to check the records one by one without possibility to use filters for their departments on the overview.
We understand that the worker can have more than one position, but the primary position is the only one and details from this one should be displayed.
We assume that as soon as the information is available for this form, it will be available also in Personnel Management/Expiring records overview and we will be able to add a new column via personalization. Without this are native overviews for HR workers in huge companies insufficient (as they are not able to focus on employees they are responsible for).
Please add a possibility to filter on employees lists in Personnel Management by position details like primary manager, primary position or primary department which are currently available only via Related information.
Needs Votes
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Thank you for your suggestion. To help us in our review process, we’re requesting votes from the community to help us understand the importance of this functionality. This posting is provided “as is” with no warranties, and confers no rights.