When the deployment in LCS is changed, the Azure status is updated. E.g. if a VM is stopped and deallocated. it DOES NOT happen the other way around.

As it is much easier to mange the VM through Azure portal e.g. stop (deallocate) at a given hour, this should reflect in the LCS environment screen, on the appropriate deployment.

An easy way of doing this would be an "refresh status" button on the LCS environment screen that would read the status in Azure and then change accordingly, if needed. This would give a much clearer overview and make it possible to start a VM from LCS, which has been stopped from Azure.
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Hello. This is most probably a duplicate, check this link: https://experience.dynamics.com/ideas/idea/?ideaid=19e74d08-fa1d-e711-80c0-00155d4616d6

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