The current discount setups are cumbersome and difficult to use for complex organizations looking to do large scale sales.

There needs to be the ability to combine discount types such as mix and match and quantity discounts.

For example I have a category setup for Hats > $5 Hats and a subset of 100 items under this sub category. I want to provide a sale on a certain set of items that if you buy 4 they are $12, this sale only includes about 80 out of the 100 available hats in this subcategory.

The sale item is setup as Include all Hats in the $5 Hat category and then line by line listed out SKUs for exclusions for the remaining 80 items.

In the current setup I have to set this as a quantity discount, then go to the released products grid and find the list of items that shouldn't be on sale that are under this category, then enter them line by line as an exclusion to the quantity discount grid. This is incredibly time consuming and difficult especially if the user setting these up does not have excel skills to do comparisons.

Once this is applied it works as expected and the 4/$12 hat special works. However it would be better if we could list out just the SKUs we wanted included in this sale. In the current methodology this only works if you buy 4 of the same SKU and not across multiple SKUs.

Suggested change:

Add a radio button or selector of some sort to the quantity discount option to specify if mixing of line items setup is allowed. This will prevent having to setup items as included by category and then excluding the items that should not be included as a part of the sale by simply allowing the end user to add all SKUs that should be included into the sale in the grid.

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Thanks for the feedback. We will continue to monitor the votes to determine its consideration into our feature backlog. - Boyce Zhu, Principal Product Manager for Dynamics 365 Commerce