The full application version to be displayed on the environment page on LCS. Currently, if you have an environment on application version 8.1.3, LCS will only display 8.1. From an environment management perspective, the LCS displayed version does not give enough detail for the environment manager to know if particular fixes are in that version. If an environment is on application 8.1.3, then LCS should reflect that. To get that detail, you need to log into the environment, go to 'About' find the version detail for the application suite, then go to an MS website which lists all the version, cross reference the build number with that that you got from the version of the application version, then you can work out what application version an environment is on. That's simply too many steps to get the correct version number.

2019 Release Wave 2
Ideas Administrator

This work is planned in conjunction with Application Release 10.0.4.