A Client has requested visibility to Vendor Cash discounts lost. Multiple options could be used. 1) A new field that is populated on the Vendor Payment Journal's General or Payment tab with the Cash discount amount that was lost, i.e. payment was made after the Cash discount date and applicable Grace days on the Method of payment. While this data can be found on the Vendor's Transaction list page on the Payment tab in Discount granted and used fields, access to the data is not easily obtained from a Table. 2) An Inquiry or Report with applicable information such as Vendor number, Vendor name Invoice number, Invoice date, Due date, Cash discount date, Cash discount amount, Payment date and Payment reference could be another option. Insertion of a column labeled as 'Cash discounts lost'. This new field would be populated as a result of the Payment date being greater than the Cash discount date, plus Method of payment Grace days, if applicable.
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