There are some things in place to automate the process of placing Billing Schedule lines on Hold or Terminate them in bulk. This can be done through the periodic tasks and through the Odata entities created for this. However, these processes miss some options.

First of all, all current options ignore the fact that Holds and Terminations can be placed on Billing Schedule header level as well on each Billing Schedule and not only on line level. It would help a great deal in processing and keeping all lines in check placing these Holds and Terminations in bulk on header level, making sure all underlying lines are taken into account as well. Making this possible in the same manner as now done for the lines (through a periodic task and through Odata) gives us all flexibility in processing the Billing Schedules within the application but also from an integration perspective.

Also, it would be very beneficial to not only be able to remove Holds through Odata and periodic tasks, but also to be able to remove Terminations (as can be manually done on each header and line that has a current termination). This makes processing things in batch and correcting mistakes of placing Terminations in large amounts also a lot more user friendly.

Under Review