Several times it is required that WHSShipment are created in accordance with Packing slip that will be generated from them.

It would be nice to link exactly a packing slip to its shipment, being able to reprint it without searching back in sales order.

It would be nice being able to packing slip update from shipment and load also service items only TMS enabled.

Would be nice to be able to "jump" work creation under certain circumstances and being able to use picking list instead.

I'm at disposition for any further detail.
Thank you
Damiano Bernardo
Needs Votes



Reprint packing slip from the shipment would be good. (There is a relation between load and packing slip, but the user can not directly go from the load to all packing slips.

Jumping over work creation: I do not see the point here.

Best regards, Frans Hoogenraad

Category: Warehouse Management