In Pages it's possible to use dynamic filters like %MYCUSTOMERS to create views that support users with "their" data. The advantage is the flexibility of the filter range - it's always up to date.

If I use the same filter in a report (created by a job queue entry or using a report filter template) the dynamic filter expression won't be stored in the report options (templates). Instead you'll figure out that the report always uses the same filter range (depending on the values when the report runs first). It doesn't matter that "%MYCUSTOMERS" contains more customers now.

The same problem comes with date filtering.

Using job queue entries for routine activities is fine, but with fixed filter values sometimes it's unusable.

Can't the filters in report filter templates / job queue entries just behave as filters in page views?
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Thank you for your feedback. We are considering adding it to our longer term roadmap. 

Your help is greatly appreciated, 
Mike Borg Cardona
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Yes please . I actually assumed a datefillter on a report put in like this "CM" would stay dynamic if same report is run on a plan the next month, but it doesn't seem to do this. Seems it's converted into fixed values upon run. Without this, a lot of planed reports aren't really useful.
But a test today in BC v15 showed me this is not case, just tested it today.

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