When setting up a mix/match discount the rule is to purchase the "package" to get the discount.

But it would be good to have the option to choose from and to number of products needed - example: "buy 1x category A and 4x category B and get 20% on category B" and then continue to get the discount on item number 5, 6 etc. in category B.

Is for example seen a lot in the furniture industry. Buy 1 dining table and 4 dining charis and get 20% off the dining chairs. But if the customer wants to purchase 5 chairs they should still get the 20% off the last chair.

(could be solved by creating one more mix/match with the combination 1 and 5, one more with 1 and 6 etc. - I know, but the maintanance is then getting pretty big with many stores in different countries) 

Needs Votes
Ideas Administrator

Thanks for the feature suggestion. This feature ask can be interpreted as when buying certain combination of qualified items, getting certain discount on gift items. We support such "gift with purchase" scenario in threshold discount where the qualification criteria is based on amount. To fulfill your requirement, we will need to enable "gift with purchase" scenario in mix & match discount where qualification criteria is based on item combination. This has been logged into our feature backlog. We will continue to monitor the votes to determine its prioritization on future roadmap. - Boyce Zhu, Principal Product Manager for Dynamics 365 Commerce