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We often run the same financial report in slightly different versions, such as an detailed income statement and a summary income statement.  It would save a lot of time if we could simply copy an Account Schedule and edit it, rather than building an account schedule from scratch. 

In a multi-company scenario, it would also help to be able to export account schedules from one company and import them into another company.

Status Details

Thank you for your feedback. We released this feature as part of Business Central Fall 18 (October) release.
Please refer to the following link for more information:
Ivan Koletic
PM, Microsoft

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  • It would be great to be able to edit in account schedules in Excel. This would make it so that you could copy account schedules (by copying and pasting from one account schedule to another although this could be easier with just a copy button) and it would also make account schedule mass updates easier!
  • This should be implemented soon. I am discouraged to see this was mentioned several months ago and still not implemented. Please allow to copy schedules.
  • This is absolutely essential in working with test companies, production companies, multiple companies to be able to copy the format without having to recreate the layout each time.

  • +1 this is needed for production environments to mitigate Microsoft changing the account schedules as communicated in a dialog box any time you make changes to the OOTB account schedules. "Warning: This account schedule may be automatically updated by the system, so any changes you make may be lost." Need this sooner than later.

  • I hope it gets implemented soon... It will save a lot of time!!

  • I agree to Dirk for getting a function similar to the 'Copy G/L Budget ' 

  • Can't we just a new report and an action item to PAG 104 'Account Schedules' , like we have it on PAG 113  'Budget'  for  REP 96 'Copy G/L Budget'

  • This is a great idea... I hope it is added soon!!

  • Thanks for the suggestion, we will review this for a future release.  


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