Overproduction with raw material used frequently on the production line

Business scenario:

Customer don't know the output from production orders upfront (it varies), ie they calculate with 50 kg of finished goods (production order quantity), but in the end the output could be 60 kg of finished goods.


The overproduced quantity should be reflected in extra raw-material consumption needed.

When supplying material to the line (raw material picking)  the customer always supply full pallets (staging concept) which should cover for the unknown extra demand of raw material. The raw material supply to the line is used frequently on the line.


Issue with current support: When processing the production wave, unreserved material on the production input location is always selected first (and reserved against formula lines)


Idea: Setting on the production wave to be able to control if unreserved material on production input location should be taken into account first or last when calculating quantity to supply to the line.


Example: Precondition – raw material 1 included in production wave template with setting to select unreserved material on production input location at last.

Production order 1 has a demand of 50 kg of raw material 1. LP quantity is 100 kg. Processing the wave will create work of 100 kg, leaving 50 kg unreserved on the line (using staging). Production order 2 also has a demand of 50 kg of raw material 1. When calculating demand for this production order 2 a new LP (100 kg) is supplied to the line without taken into account the unreserved material on the line, leaving 50 kg again unreserved.


The scenarios will require a line clearance (back to main warehouse) on a regular basis.

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I have had a client who needed similar functionality with unreserved material that was picked by using the "Round up to handling unit" that can be set up on location directives for picking. Total consumption is not known until the end of the order and they did not want that material to be automatically picked to another order because it was in the resource input location.

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an anti-lean logic ;)

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