The project quotation and the project quotation confirmation documents are based on the same BDM document in Dynamics 365, which makes it impossible to differentiate these documents. When sending a project quotation confirmation you need to state that it is a confirmation. "A confirmation should have a different title than a quotation". These documents needs to be set up in the same way as the sales quotation and confirmation which is two different templates in BDM.

I also see that there are some unfished configurations regarding the project quotation:

  • Translating the documents using "defined at runtime" is not working
  • There are quite a few tables available compared to other documents
  • Missing form notes
Ideas Administrator

This functionality has changed in the moder Project Operations. 



Currently having the same problem with our customer - especially creating problems for us with the translations. Would be great if this document would allow more variety and configurability as other BDM documents.

Category: Project Sales, Billing, Pricing and Costing