It would be nice if GP had a scheduling tool that could be configured to automatically post batches. I realize there are tools available from Microsoft like AutoDim and AutoPost for this purpose, but they are not the easiest things to configure/use/maintain and troubleshoot, plus we are having more and more challenges using these tools with each new version of windows and security updates. There are other considerations too, like having to have a GP user logged in while these run and having to use a separate scheduler, like Windows Task Scheduler, or something else to fire these off. I know there is a third party product that addresses this need (maybe even more than one?) and I don't have any direct experience with it, but it would be better if this functionality was simply built into GP. The best scenario IMO would be to have the scheduler run an integration (from IM for example) which would import a batch of transactions and then post them once complete. Obviously there would need to be some error handling and logging that occurs as well.

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This is completed in the 18.5 release
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Terry Heley