Goals can easily span one or more Reviews (they can be of different types), therefore when the Sign off on a Review happens, it would be great to have the actual values (Target, Actual progress, Status) for Goals and Measurements saved with the Review (e.g. XML/JSON file). Ideally, this should happen in the "Final review" phase, though this would mean that no changes to the Goals and Measurements should be allowed anymore.

Currently, as Goals and Measurements' statuses change, they change also in completed Reviews, which can easily create confusion. Unless the Review was printed and archived, it's almost impossible to trace the actual values directly in the system without a big overhead (e.g. enabling database logging).

Moreover, in the documentation for Performance management the following affirmation is made:
"After the review is finalized, a snapshot of the measurements is stored to retain the history of those items at the time of the review."