Customer Assets may change over time. They may be upgraded and become a different product, other field may change, they could move accounts so their external id changes etc. Currently if you look at any Work Order/Incident, it shows you the current asset data. So if you look at an old call and the asset has changed since, you get an incorrect picture. If you re-print a service report it will also show incorrect asset information. This ought to be changed so that the WO and Incident reflects the asset at the time the call is taken. Reports should also use this data instead of current data. This is a standard feature in other FS systems. Ideally an Asset's change history, including account and agreement moves etc, should be stored separately and accessible from the Asset record.

Category: Field Service
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for your feedback.

We are not considering the suggestion at this time:

  • We don't believe this is a common ask.
  • The concept of Asset history may make sense but the idea that we would preserve the asset state against each work order/work order incident at the time of creation is not something we're currently considering. We're concerned that this would lead to unnecessary data duplication, mobile sync complications, and potentially undermines the value of the relational database upon which the system is built. 
  • If the asset is replaced with another product, is it the same asset or was one asset retired and replaced? We think different organizations may answer this question differently. If we can offer functionality that will serve the majority case, it may make sense to revisit.

Thank you for sharing your idea. While we don't think we will move forward with this one, we hope you aren't discouraged from raising ideas in the future.


PM, Jason Cohen