Already today we are able to deploy the FS App using MDM tools such as Microsoft Intune. Especially in the light of GDPR, it would be beneficial to also have advanced MAM features available, such as policies to prevent users from copying content from the FS App and pasting it into a personal mail client. Suggestion: Embed Intune SDK into the FS App.

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Thank you for submitting your idea.

This is complete and available in the GA version of Field Service Mobile - Xamarin and Dynamics 365 Field Service Mobile applications. 


Field Service PM Team



Dear Field service PA team,

Thanks for implementing it. Currently intune MAM policies will work only with OAuth2. But in the same device if user uses "standard user" mode for authentication, intune policies will applied to the app. Hence kindly request to include an option/key to configure authentication mode in intune app configuration policy where enterprise will force the authentication mode to enrich the intune functionalities.

Category: Mobile