Hi !

Filtering a list is too long :

We need to clic on the filter icon
next clic on "filter the list"
next clic on "filter"
finally select a field.

I propose to add automatically (or by a user setup) the field "no" and "name" by default.
This two fields are the most common field we are using for filtering on a list.

for documents (table 36/38/112...) promoting the following field would be great : No & external no !


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Jean-Noel. Agree with you on the usability. I think they are trying to promote the idea that you can click on a field on the list and say 'filter by this'. However, I think you should be able to drag fields over to the filter and click on them to say default. Ideally you can choose the filter type to be a multi select, single select, standard complex filter box. I personally think not all users should have to learn the powerful filtering symbols.

Category: General