When transferring an employee to a new line manager where a compensation change is required;

1. The new line manager has no visibility via workflow to approve the transfer request
2. The current line manager should not have visibility of the ‘to be’ compensation information for the employee that’s being transferred
3. The new line manager cannot enter a compensation change request for the new employee ahead of time (prior to the employee being transferred over to the new line manager)

Proposed solutions

1. New line manager can initiate a transfer request for an employee that does not fall under their reporting hierarchy (i.e. does not directly or indirectly report in to them)
a. NLM can select any employee, but the compensation info would be hidden (to get around GDPR issues)
b. NLM can select new position, define new compensation, and submit for approval
c. Workflow will allow for request to be sent to current line manager for approval
d. Current line manager would not have visibility of the ‘to be’ compensation defined in the transfer request
e. HR users would have visibility of all information in the transfer request
f. By selecting the new position, this would also allow senior managers to select a position that does not inherently report in to them but is part of their hierarchy
i. For example, a manager could select a vacant position that is 3 levels down and this will still transfer the employee once approved to the manager that is 2 levels down

2. Once a transfer request has been submitted by the current line manager, allow the workflow to be sent to the new line manager who can then input the compensation
a. Current line manager would leave the compensation information blank
b. Once sent to the new line manger for approval (this would need to be an addition in workflow config) the NLM has the ability to edit only the ‘new compensation’ section of the transfer request

3. Once a transfer request has been submitted by the current line manager and approved, allow the new line manager to submit a compensation change ahead of time
a. The issue here is that a compensation change request cannot be created and submitted until the employee reports in to the new line manager
b. As the transfer request has been approved, this should update the worker position assignment with a future dated record (i.e. the employee will be reporting to the new line manager, but effective dated in the future)
c. As this record exists (the employee reports to the NLM in the future), validation could be added in to check this and allow the NLM to put in the compensation change request ahead of time so that the employee record is correct ahead of time
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Great idea!

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