As a worldwide group we are currently running about 30 companies in AX2012 and we hae now implemented in the last yera about 12 companies on D365.
The final target is to have 80+ worldwide companies on D365.
We are periodically receiving inputs from aour companies and from our local MS Partner to implement specific tools supporting the e-invoicing proceeses to meet tax requirements.
Every time we are "re-inventing the wheel", this is absoultely not efficient, risky and time consuming.
In order to speed up the process and in order to have a robust / configurable solution we are evalutaing for our D365 implementation the use of the e-invoicing ADD ON...we joined some tech talks but, unfortunately, we realized the add on is available just ON CLOUD while our application is "on premise".

We kindly ask you to evaluate to make available this tool also on "ON PREM" environment.

Needs Votes