As many customers are using the entire D365 platform, an Integrated Case Management solution is required that spans across Dynamics 365. The current D365 FO Case management is perfect to associate D365 FO records and that is still highly required and we use it for Returns processes (RMA), Finance Collections management and Product Change requests. However we miss the integration with the cases in D365 Customer Service, especially for the references to Accounts/Customers and Contacts. Cases in both systems make up the 'Customer timeline' or a customers 360° view so a solution is needed that allows for an D365 FO user to create cases that end up in D365 Customer Service but that also allow them to associate D365 FO entities to it. D365 Customer Service Insights doesn't integrate D365 FO cases out of the box yet. I see nothing in the roadmap for Dual Write either pointing in that direction either.
Category: Case Management
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