I think many partners and customer are becoming increasingly frustrated with the focus on new features while we are often left struggling with half-baked existing features. I seems that the current focus is on getting as many checkmarks on PowerPoint when comparing features with competitors like Salesforce. Focus is less on building a product that actually work in real life. I suggest the product team pause for a release or two and focus on finishing some of the nice features that they already added to the product. The list is very long but let me just add a few examples for inspiration:

- The new conversion tab is not configurable at all. It's frustrating that partners can decide what relevant data to show
- The inline grid edit is nice on paper but is often not used due to missing configurability
- The Outlook client is a total mess. Filled with bugs and bad performance
- The e-mail router is missing the ability to track all e-mails. You can't trust the product to track all mails. What good is that if you are building you service desk around this feature
- Performance in general is bad. The forms take too long to load. New mind about cool features if they are not used because the users get frustrated with bad performance
- etc, etc, etc

A vote for this suggestion is NOT a vote for the issues mentioned above. It's a vote to get the product team to focus on quality, configurability and performance.

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Thank you for your feedback. We are tracking these requests and may contact you for more detailed information. 

Lisa Mueller
Dynamics 365 UX Manager, Microsoft