The system (D365) doesn’t allow to update the batch/lot/license plate quantity and/or number of the same for purchase orders of incoming materials which are “lot-controlled”.

There are up to +80% of situations in which the warehouse worker needs to update quantity and/or number of batch/lot/license plate, which is not necessarily related to changing the total purchase order quantity.


Example 1:

Order quantity 400 meters        Roll (nominal) quantity 100 meters        4 rolls

Received quantity 400 meters  4 rolls   1 roll 99 meters, 1 roll 101 meters, 1 roll 95 meters, 1 roll 105 meters.

Example 2:

In case the received quantity is 412 meters (in 4 rolls), the warehouse worker will ALWAYS modify the quantity of the purchase order before performing the reception to match ordered quantity with received quantity.


Therefore, it is needed to have the possibility to update the quantity for each batch/lot/license plate, and possibly also the number of the same, during the reception process and before printing the labels.

For instance, in Example 1:

Order quantity 400 meters        Received quantity 400 meters

Roll (nominal) quantity 100 meters        4 rolls received

Roll n. 1              Update quantity from 100 meters to 99 meters

Roll n. 2              Update quantity from 100 meters to 101 meters

Roll n. 3              Update quantity from 100 meters to 95 meters

Roll n. 4              Update quantity from 100 meters to 105 meters

Then confirm and finalize the reception process, with the labels being directly/automatically printed with the updated quantities.

Needs Votes
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for your feedback. Currently this is not in our roadmap; however, we are tracking it and if we get more feedback and votes, we may consider it in the future. 


Per Lynnerup

PM, Microsoft 



The first comments look like all positive. From our side (the requester, with the support of our partner Accenture/Avanade) we could take advantage of an easier and less time-consuming process, like the one in place today, for all falicities dealing with goods reception of lot-controlled materials.

Category: Warehouse Management


It would be nice to have such feature to reduce the manual work.

Category: Warehouse Management


This feature is very much essential to cater business requirement for many verticals.

Category: Warehouse Management


Very good surgestion. A feature like this will cover one of our identified GAPs in D365.

Category: Warehouse Management