In particular in Discrete Manufacturing, lots of preventative maintenance work orders are created. Many customers have been asked for a way to visualize assets and the associate (PM) work orders, either as a calendar or as a Gantt chart. This is also helpful when you have a number of asset at the same location (such as wind turbines in a big wind park), and want to get an overview of all jobs associated to that site.

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This is a concept that we like a lot. This is something we've begun to look into but we'd love to see this idea get more votes to confirm our thinking, as well. We may also reach out to better understand the kinds of scenarios where you think this will be used.



Jason Cohen

PM, Microsoft



Sorry that's Dan Gittler.

Category: Field Service


The need to schedule by assets is fundamental for the Facilities Management business and it would be great to progress this. I have shared my requirements with Dan Giltter.

Category: Field Service