When tracking Exchange Mailbox Items in CRM (e.g. an Email, a Meeting, a Task) within CRM, the item is not added into CRM until it has been processed by the Outlook client.

This may seem fine when tracking your own items, but when you have a number of remote workers (e.g. On-Site Engineers) who's appointments are made by a member of staff in the office (in CRM) this is completely unworkable.

The appointments do not appear in the remote worker's Calendar until they have come back into the office and opened Outlook, which could be weeks later!

As I understand it CRM 3 used to do this kind of processing at the Exchange end, but this was changed for CRM 4 in order to fix issues with offline usage.

We do not use CRM 4 offline so this change is useless to us. Would it not be better going forward to allow the end user at the initial setup to choose either server side or client side processing?




Thank you for reporting your issue. We've been able to deliver a solution to your situation. You will need to move to Server-Side Syncronization in order to avoid the requirement for Outlook to make the Track to CRM. With Server-Side Syncronization, CRM will communicate directly with Exchange to "promote" emails etc. to CRM without the need for your Outlook to be open. Note that Outlook Client is still required to tag items to be syncronized.

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Tony Schmidt
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Thank you for your suggestion. We are considering this functionality for the next major release of CRM.

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Category: Microsoft Office Integration