Currently you can only link between task/steps inside one guide.
The ability to link and jump from one guide to another would open up the possibility of having a "Main Menu" type guide with which you could start off a worker with and then have them select which task they are going to start instead of searching for it from a list.

Also this can allow for smaller guides to be created and then if there are certain tasks that are not very frequently done you can have a step where the worker is asked if there is extra tasks to be completed and then link to a different guide perform said task and then have a link back to where they were.
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Hi, this is Dave Pinch from the Guides product team. Thank you for your feedback. In Guides 8.3 (April 2023) we are relaxing the restriction that prevents linking a step to a custom URI scheme. This means you will be able to link to other guides, or custom apps on the device, or even panels on the HoloLens OS such as WiFi. More information will be posted on the forum as we get closer to April.

Category: General