One of our customers needs to keep track of course' costs in Talent. We tried creating a custom field for this purpose, which works correctly. Nonetheless, customer also needs to make courses go through approvals based on their costs. We were not able to fulfill this requirement, since workflow in Talent for courses only works for attendee registration.

Therefore, this suggestion would split up in two:

- Adding cost fields (cost and currency) in the course definition form.
- Adding workflow for course creation (not just attendee registration) that can be based on different course fields (including cost).


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Thank you for your suggestion. To help us in our review process, we’re requesting votes from the community to help us understand the importance of this functionality. This posting is provided “as is” with no warranties, and confers no rights. 



Fully agree with mentioned suggestion! In order to get information about costs per employee/ department/ company in some period we need to check costs spent on courses. It would be great step for ability to cover whole learning agenda.

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