Currently in Time entry we can add total 24 hours for single day. However as per the customer requirement they have one field for working hours and another field for vacation.
If for a particular day they have vacation they add 8 hours in vacation field, however if there client has some requirements there users has to work on vacation as well and they have to work with over time which may be 16 hours or more than 16 hours.
Now if a user works on vacation day he should be able to add 8 hours in vacation field and more than 16 hours in working field.
As right now Time entry cant accept more than 24 hours for a single day it is not possible to add 8 hours vacation and more than 16 hours as working.
So Time entry should accept more than 24 hours for a single day.
Category: Field Service
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Thanks for raising this idea. Unfortunately, there's not enough information here for us to understand what's realistically being requested. 

That said, please feel free to raise this idea again with a little more detail allowing us and the community to give it more consideration.

Thank you,
Jason Cohen
PM, Dynamics 365 Field Service