Add main account ranges to the budget control configuration that align with the way account structures ranges are used in general ledger. Currently, the system is designed to require the selection of individual main accounts when determining what will be included in budget control.

This presents several issues:

1. To add new main accounts you must run the budget control configuration, which can take up to an hour in our environment. While this is running, the new main account is available for use in the general ledger account structure since ranges are allowed.

2. The budget reports are designed to track only those individual main accounts that are selected, this creates a reconciliation issue between the expenditures on the trial balance and the budget reports when the structures are out of sync. This can only be remedied by manually reconciling the reports and then running each document individually through a budget processor after the configuration has been fixed.

3. No reports or data entities are available to determine when these two structures are out of sync, g/l account structure and budget configuration. This results in a manual process to reconcile that the lists are always in sync.

4. For our purposes, any expense main account that does not hit budget control for a posted transaction can result in a legal compliance issue.  

Category: Budgeting
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Hi Kevin/ Janet,

After discussing internally about this idea and the impact of it, we have decided to review it for next steps and moved it to product backlog. 



This change is really needed to reduce the risk of compliance and audit issues for public sector.

Category: Budgeting


This is really needed for public sector

Category: Budgeting