When a sales order is generated from a billing schedule, the user must select each sales order line individually and then select "Deferrals" or "Billing schedule details" to check if the line has been deferred or generated from a billing schedule. This is time consuming for users to navigate through to check which lines have been deferred or generated from from a billing schedule.


Instead, there should be a yes/no flag available as a column, on the sales order lines table, so the user can easily view which lines have been deferred or created from a billing schedule.

The billing schedule flag could perhaps include the unique id (number sequence) for the billing schedule, as a link back, for easier navigation.

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This would be so useful to see at a glance which lines on an order are deferred.Currently with the revenue recognition module, we can see against the lines which lines have the revenue schedule applied and for what dates.If we could have the same for subs billing functionality to be able to add fields to the lines to show the deferral and the dates please.

Category: Subscription Billing