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Scenario 1 :-

1. Import an email record into CRM Organization with the Created Date set to 5 days ago. For example current date is 10/30/2015, the email's Created On date would be 10/25/2015. Make sure that you "Set Regard" it to an contact record.
2. Post importing of the email record, open the Regarding contact record.
3. In the Social Pane, select the Activities tab.
4. Here you will see the date mentioned below the Email record is today i.e. the date when the record was imported to the organization and not the original email creation date.

Scenario 2 :-

1. Open an older email in the CRM organization under Sales -> Activities -> Emails -> All Emails
2. Set regard it with any Account, Contact, Lead record (Record that contains Social Pane on the form).
3.Once you set regard it, you will find that the date mentioned under the email is of Today instead of the older date.

Conclusion :- The Social Pane grabs the date when the record was modified or imported into the organization. It seems to be that the latest date of the record from the ActivityBasePointer table is rendered in the Social Pane and the Created On date is disregarded.

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Thanks for the feedback, we will be considering this as part of our roadmap for an upcoming release.


Dileep Singh

PM, Microsoft

Comments (8)
  • It is kind of frustrating on how inflexible is the social pane.

  • February 2018 - This is a topic of interest in my organization. Any update would be greatly appreciated.

  • January 2018, is there any update on this issue?

  • It's so annoying having to put in the subject of the note who made the note and when it was made rather than letting the system do it in a logical manner. Equally when you then assign the record, all of your notes are in a completely random order!
  • It´s a kind of showstopper for our migration from CRM 2011 to CRM 2015. Image you merge service incidents, the activities show up randomly in the Social Pane. The same when you assign a contact or account to another user. Then also die modified-On-Fields become updated. That´s really frustrating that the Social pane cannot be configured or customized.
  • This is the same issue as the Notes displayed in the Social Pane, the Notes display the Modified On and Modified By date instead of the Created On, Created By.

    This might seem like the right thing to do, but when I re-assign a (for example) lead record then all the notes on that lead will now show my name and the current date/time instead of when and who created actually them. This is deceiving to the end user looking at the notes and activities.

    There also appears to be no way to customize this behavior.
  • I second that. Had posted new feedback and then found this one and voted it up.
  • Yes, this is extremely frustrating for our users. To the point where they have asked me to re-implement the Activities and Closed Activities related record views that they relied on int he previous version of CRM.