When using the Bank Reconciliation process, you usually use the function Transfer to General Journal to post missing transaction.
The General Journal Batch is usually setup with a balancing account sets to the bank account.

It allows the user to just type the Account Type and Account No. in the General Journal and Post.

Unfortunately, when changing the Account Type or Account No., the description that comes from the Bank Statement is cleared.
It breaks the user experience by forcing the user to copy the description first, set the Account Type/Account No. and paste the Description again.

In some circumstances, if the description is not kept, the automatic reconciliation fails to match the entries that was posted from the bank statements.
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This has been delivered with Wave 2, 2021 release (October), so you should see it soon.

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When changing G/L number, BC removes description, VAT codes, Posting codes, dimensions - So we can just do the work twice.
The system is supposed to work for the user, not the other way around. And i agree with Kevin, when doing bank reconciliation, this is especially painful.

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We're experiencing this issue as well. It makes the process of posting transactions straight from the bank statement less efficient. The only workaround appears to be copying the description before entering the account no. and pasting back in, on a line-by-line basis.

Appreciated if this could be considered for inclusion on the roadmap.



Category: Financial Management