We recently encountered two errors when attempting to deploy cloud-hosted environments within LCS.

(1) "Lifecycle Services cannot perform the current {0} operation. Received null or empty value for parameter {1}"
Diagnosis was that we were accessing LCS with an account in a different AAD domain than the Azure subscription tenant. It's possible this would have been more apparent if the string formatting placeholders "{0}" and "{1}" had been populated with more meaningful values.

(2) Failed to fetch deployment error from outputXml.
Diagnosis was that the VNet selected for "existing network" in the environment "Advanced Settings" was associated with an NSG that didn't have the required Remote PowerShell ports open. An error message such as “Remote PowerShell connection could not be established”, or even the slightly vaguer “Remote PowerShell script could not complete” would give LCS users a better chance of establishing the problem



We've been advised to raise this idea in multiple places: see also https://feedback.azure.com/d365community/idea/8afd89bd-fb45-ec11-a81a-6045bd78b970

Category: Lifecycle Services