In the standard solution users are able to select the 'Balance' amount on the screen layout to trigger the user to select a method of payment for the transaction.

This is useful when screen space is limited, however it might allow users to access some payment options that should not be available from the register.

An example would be a tablet terminal that is meant to submit orders only and should not take any payments or a register that is an express credit card only terminal which should not be able to select cash.

The idea would be to set a flag on the screen layout designer totals section to prompt whether the balance button launches all payment methods.

In addition a further option would be to allow the user to decide which payment methods are available when this button is selected

Ideas Administrator

Thank you for your suggestions. This idea would require more votes. But please review the capability to have the register assigned to a channel that presents the configured channel payment methods as options; only the configured options should be presented for payment when the balance is selected.



This is a great product suggestion! We had to implement custom 'Totals control' to remove the possibility on the device to select from all payment methods available in store. Would be very good to have such kind of possibility in standard

Category: Payment processing