The creation of work cluster should be more sophisticated, so ist possible to arrange different work to a work cluster depending on a set of criteria (anvanced query) or by manually selecting work lines.

It should also be possible to put the work cluster creation in a batchjob by selecting the query. 

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We have made some enhancements for cluster picking that will be shipped in 10.0.5, but not closing the ideas as we stil have work to do within intelligent cluster creation. Also clustering for production orders. 


Thank you for your feedback!

This entry is on our backlog already - we just did not have the time to work on it yet.

As concern Cluster picking, we have started on adding a functionality similar to "Full" when picking allowing to continue picking when a cluster is full.


Philippe Jacobsen

PM, Microsoft 



I agree too

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I agree, an automatic cluster creation would be great instead of printing a lot of paper and scanning each work ID.

Category: Warehouse Management