Currently when you are on General Journals page, using “show fewer columns” view you can set the Posting Date for this batch on the upper right corner.

If you change the Posting Date first (let’s say to 11/30/2019) and then you go to Actions>Functions>Get Standard Journals. This will import the accounts on Standard Journals but these accounts won’t be updated with the Posting Date set before (11/30/2019).

This generates confusion since if the user is viewing the window “show fewer columns” view and the posting date shows 11/30/19 but the lines that are shown indeed have a different posting date of then there is a problem since it generates confusion.

Right now for this to work you have first to go to Actions>Functions>Get Standard Journals and after this you should change the Posting Date on General Journals “show fewer columns” view to update the accounts that were imported using the function Get Standard Journals.

Suggested Solution
When you change the Posting Date on General Journals using “show fewer columns” view, this should update and set the new Posting Date for this entire batch. So when any account or, in this case, Standard Journals are imported to this batch the accounts imported should be automatically be updated with the Posting Date that is set for this batch.

It should not be necessary to import the accounts first and then change the Posting Date to update the imported accounts. Because when you import the accounts they should automatically be updated with the Posting Date that is being showed for this batch.

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Thank you for this suggestion! Currently this is not on our roadmap. We are tracking this idea and if it gathers more votes and comments we will consider it in the future.

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