1. unlimited credit limit option inside customer master. This is a new field coming with new credit management. In the old standard module, zero credit limit means unlimited credit limit. This means that a user that wants to assign a zero credit limit has to set a credit limit like 0,1.
In the new credit management module, there is this new filed that allows to set a credit limit as unlimited. But is a useless option because is still valid the old rule that zero is an unlimited credit limit. More, this new option causes confusion, because the user think that now he can set zero as credit limit, and in same cases set as unlimited. but the result is that all zero credit limit are unlimited with or without unlimited cradtit limit enabled. So, better remove the new field unlimited credit limit or let it work with zero credit limits.
2. credit management release workflow
this workflow is needed to communicate in an efficient way, between two different company department (customer service that enters sales orders, and administration, account receivable, that knows and manage the financial stuff of the customers) the request to approve a SO sent t credti management (request to account receivable dpt) and a mail back that confirm the release of the SO to customer service (that can carry on the SO).
unfortunately the mail back is never sent, even if the user id has workflow notification active, if we do not assign a account receivable to it.
This is crazy because we are talking about just a mail. no activity in the system. Why it is requested a specific role only to receive a mail? Why the role is account receivable? In this way we allow customer service to change credit limit, desable the credit management check and/or autoapprove the SO. This is understandable.
Also, more understandable is that: if we setup the workflow recipient in the autorelease step, the user as workflow originator, the requested role is "account receivable manager". If I setup the user as "user" the requested role is "account receivable clerck". Which is the logic behind this? the user is all the cases an employee of customer service. Sometimes we want to send back a mail only to a single user (originator), sometimes to a list of user in customer service, in order to inform all of them. Why we need to remember to setup a role clerk or manager based on this?
3. how deactivate old check of credit limit exceeding in release to warehouse step?
the new credit management allow to choose which are the check points where make the check of the blocking rules, that are including also the check of the credit limit exceeding.
Between the check point there is also release to warehouse.
If we leave it blank we expect that no check is done at release to warehouse step.
Unfortunately, the old control is still alive, and we can only decide if the check is a warning or an error.
If we turn off the parameter "check credit limit in SO", this does not deactivate the old control (thi parameter belongs to old module) but the result is only the blocking rule based on the credit limit stops working. All other blocking rules are still working.
This generates confusions. I suggest a new parameter that allows to activate/deactivate blocking rules without needs to destroy check point or blocking rule itself, and leave old parameter "check credit limit..." working only on old method, allowing to deactivate old check, like the one still living on release to warehouse.
4. Credit limit type option
This fields allows to tell the system what include in the credit limit check: no check, only account balance, balance+shipping, balance+all
This could be ok in order to decide which kind of check we may prefer, but, in my opinion, that this option has also an impact on the balance inquiry inside the customer master table.
This inquiry is interesting for cutomer service people and administation dep. in order to check the financial position of the customer. It is crazy that after deselecting options in credit limit type the result is not to see any information in the balance panel. I think that al information should be always shown in the screen , but showing clearly which of them are belonging to the remaining amount, and the remaining amount should be calculated base on the credit limit type. But don0t see any sense cancel information from this crucial panel
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I agree with #1 !

The system should NEVER treat a 0$ credit limit as unlimited!!

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