Recently we discovered that some of the data is updated during data movement operations.

Among other, the several points should be changed.

  • Email addresses in the LogisticsElectronicAddress table: that should be changed for import operations. If you already have email addresses in bacpac file in Assets library why that should be cleared while import that to 2-tier? For example if we prepare data for gold configuration promotion, and we have set of email addresses. We want that to be copied to 2-tier UAT. Checked by customer and then copied to Prod. Right now all the EMail addresses will be cleared and we should spend additional time to copy data manually using data management to bring data to UAT (and then second time - to Prod) That increase time on Go-Live operations where usually we have a little time to promote data and perform final configuration.
  • All batch jobs will be set to Withhold status - so after you got database refreshed from Prod to UAT you have to enable back all the required batches to run? And then second time if you want to give that database to developers for troubleshoot and bug fixing? That will cost additional time for each data restore.
  • Print Management settings in the PrintMgmtSettings and PrintMgmtDocInstance tables - so right now you have to restore all the custom designs you've made.

Of cause not all the designs are required for troubleshooting on UAT and 1-tier and not all the batch jobs you will need but:

The same approach is used during point in time restore. Why? So each time you want to get back database from backup to get working environment as soon as possible you have to bring all the stuff back. Email Addresses, Batch jobs, Custom designs.

That should be changed. For example introduce additional parameters to ask if you want to "Clear EMails" "Disable all the batch jobs", "Reset Print Management parameters" during Refresh, Export or Point in time Restore.

And remove EMail, Batch job, Print Management and user disabling during import operations. If you - as contractor - prepared database on TEST for final testing in UAT why that information has to be changed? Why I'm not able to go to UAT and perform final configuration of environment for testing without asking my customer to go to environment and enable my account? (Right now I have to enable my account directly via SQL)