Currently the BOM Consumption checkbox in the Job Card / Route Card journals does not honor the flushing principle of the BOM line. This becomes a problem when processing scrap if one of the BOM lines is set for Manual flushing. Suggestion is to change the BOM Consumption function from "Always" to "Flushing Principle" - or at least provide a parameter that can toggle between these options. Example: Raw Material A, B, C are all part of Operation 10 Operation 10 has a scrap rate of 10% RM A has a flushing principle of Manual RM B & C have a flushing principle of Finish RM A is consumed when it is loaded onto the machine (whether manually or registered via the mobile) RM B & C are consumed each time a RAF is completed RM B & C are also consumed as a scrap input via the Job Card journal every hour by checking the BOM Consumption checkbox on Operation 10 line Picking List journal is created for scrap - which now includes 3 lines, 1 for each of the 3 raw materials (A, B, C) RM A has now been over-consumed because the scrap was originally included in what was consumed when it was loaded onto the machine. When processed via the Report as Finished journal, there is the option to select between Flushing Principle and Always. If "Always" is selected, flushing principles on the BOM lines are ignored and all lines are included in the derived Picking List journal. If "Flushing Principle" is selected, only those BOM lines with a principle of Finish are included in the derived Picking List journal. BOM Consumption via the Labor journals should also have a similar option. Could Raw Material A have the operation number removed on its BOM line so that it is excluded and have the 10% scrap included at the BOM line level? Yes. But there are valid reasons why a company would want to keep operation numbers on all of their BOM lines (ease of tracking what materials go with which operation, not having to set scrap in multiple places) and still have certain items excluded from scrap postings.
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Thank you for your feedback.

Currently this is not in our roadmap; however, we are tracking it and if we get more feedback and votes, we may consider it in the future.


Johan Hoffmann