Below issue is dicsussed as high prio with Microsoft and it was forwarded after several discussions to the idea portal.

During production report as finished it is possibile to scan a quantiy with more then 15 digits and with some specific item cost resulting in a extensive inventory transaction. This amount of this transaction is to big for the system to calculate. This resulting in a imbalance of the general ledger. The system creates an debit transaction different then the credit transaction. which causes the imbalance.

This imbalance of the general ledger resulting in a corrupt general ledger which can not be fixed by Microsoft. Resulting in the only solution to execute a restore back in time on a go live environment. This to make sure that the system integrity is

Our proposal is that all transactions causing an inventory imbalance should be avoided at all possibile ways. Meaning a blocking error should be triggered in cases an imbalance is occuring.

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Or add a parameter Maximum scanning quantity in WHS parameters. Typical error is scanning an EAN13 or EAN8 or UPC code, so 9,999,999 would be a good safety limit for the quantity.

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