Currently in D365 when a Retail Discount is applied to the sales order line there is no record of which Retail Discount was applied to the sales transaction. With the current system functionality in D365, there is no easy way to report on historical discount offer and measure the effectiveness of a particular discount offer. We would like to have the ability to attach the discount offer applied to the sales order lines.

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Thank you for your feedback, but we need some clarifications.

After the Cash & Carry or Customer orders are created in POS, you can run the P-Job and then navigate to the "Retail store transactions" form. From there you can select a transaction and then view the discount amount and the discount name applied to various lines of the transaction/customer order. Since this data is in HQ, so I believe you should be able to use it for reporting purposes. Infact, there is a sample report named "Top discounts report" which depends on this information. Can you please take a look and let us know if you find any gaps.







Adding Response between Andy and Shalabh through email back in 10/14/2019 -

The solution that you have recommended will only work for Retail Transactions, but not any call center or ecom order that we integrate from the our website. All Call Center and ECOM integrated sales order goes through the same Retail Discount logic and we would like the sales transaction across omni-channel to be tagged with the discount applied at transaction level so we can have an omni-channel discount review capability.

From Call Center perspective, I don't believe call center has similar reporting or is recording which discount were applied at the sales order line level and from my understand from Holly and Ruben it seems that they are planning to make all Retail Customer Order more like Call Center at least from payment perspective, our goal in the long run is to also look at promotion/discount across both Retail POS and Call Center/Web Orders from total direct to customer point of view.

Similar request from wholesale side, the previous discussion with Laclan a while back was also to record discount applied to the sales order at the sales order line level so we can export this data to outside reporting tool and planning tool. I believe Laclan mentioned this is a common request from other customer and he was look into dig deeper from discounted related reporting from wholesale point of view.

Category: Merchandising