Norwegian Tax Authority, Skatteetaten, requires that an internal sales tax codes mapped to valid standard tax code while generating SAF-T file from D365FO. Ref. to Skatteetaten, The internal VAT tax codes must be mapped to the corresponding Norwegian SAF-T Standard VAT codes in schema location MasterFiles.In situations when mapping is not possible, please use “NA” as value for . Note that the must be rendered exactly as in the code list. Example: The Standard Tax Code for
Input VAT deductible (domestic) is "1" and not "01" or "001" (https://www.skatteetaten.no/globalassets/bedrift-og-organisasjon/starte-og-drive/rutiner-regnskap-og-kassasystem/saf-t-regnskap/norwegian-saf-t-financial-data---technical-description2.pdf)

If a user doesn't map an internal sales tax codes mapped to a standard tax code, she will get “NA” as standard code that will not be accepted by the tax authority.
Therefore, it would be required that Microsoft add a validation rule for SAF-T (NO) report so that the users get a warning/notification of internal sales tax code lacking mapping in the solution.
Ideas Administrator

We sincerely appreciate your initiative in sharing this idea with us!

We are delighted to inform you that Microsoft has officially accepted your idea.
It gives us immense pleasure to announce that your idea has been successfully implemented and is now a part of the latest release, version 175.121, of the "SAF-T Format (NO)" electronic reporting format.


Elizaveta Golub, PM